West Coast Christian School strives to…
Provide a distinctively Christian education. Teach a biblical world-view. Train godly character. Develop a loving community
Kindergarten is an important year, laying the foundations for future learning. Our experienced teacher, Mrs. Judy Baum, uses a multi-sensory phonics program to teach spelling and reading. She also employs a variety of manipulatives in an intensive math program. She teaches from a Christian perspective, using a thematic approach to cover all the government requirements for Kindergarten and beyond.

What should your child know before starting Kindergarten?

Studies have shown that children who know or have done these four things before Kindergarten do better throughout grade school… 6 letters of the alphabet 6 numbers 6 songs or nursery rhymes Have had 3 books a day read to them at least 5 times a week for 5 years = 4000 stories!
Your child needs to begin the process of learning long before they start school. The most important encouragers to children are their parents, not their teachers!
Our elementary grades feature small class sizes, encouraging close teacher-student relationships, and the development of positive attitudes and behaviours. We believe in developing the whole person, and each student is given opportunities to grow in academics, the arts, sports and service. Older students are taught responsibility through leading and caring for younger students in lunchtime and multi-grade grade activity days.
High School
West Coast Christian School is proud to offer a complete education through Grade 12. Students are given a solid academic foundation which fulfills requirements for university admission. Students learn leadership through school and community involvement, and are given a rich variety of experiences in the arts, practical skills, the outdoors, sports, and missions.
Grade 8-12
  Grade 8-12 Students in the high school classes build strong relationships with peers and teachers, and take part in many extra curricular activities. All requirements for BC graduation and for university entrance are available. Our program offers the following courses and activities.
Grade 8-9
Academic core: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, French Non-Academic courses: PE, Applied Skills, Drama, Art, Music, Bible, Career & Personal Planning
Grade 10-12
  Requirements: English, Math 10/11, SS 10/11, Science 10/11, Planning 10, PE 10, Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, Bible 10-12 Electives: Drama, Music, and Art 10-12, PE 11 and 12, Chemistry 11 and 12, Biology 11 and12, Physics 11 and 12, French 10 and 11, Law 12, History 12, Creative Writing 11
Enrichment Opportunities
To provide an opportunity to build life-long lasting memories and to enrich our community; we offer: Sports and tournaments Drama and musical performances Student trips – each year students may participate in a spring trip, We alternate between a missions focus and a Fine Arts focus Leadership opportunities with the school Opportunities to serve in the community
International Students
WCCS accepts a limited number of international students and seeks to provide an environment where they can learn English in a comfortable but intensive atmosphere. We limit the number of international students per class, so that they are pushed to actively use their English. Students are integrated into an age-appropriate class, but are given work which is adapted to their English ability. At least three hours per week are given for specific ESL instruction. Our small classes and community atmosphere provide an excellent environment for learning English, learning about Canadian culture, and making new friends. Our location in the city of Vancouver provides many opportunities for field trips and outdoor recreation opportunities.
Important information
  • We cannot guarantee that students will receive credit towards British Columbia graduation.
  • Letter grades will be issued when the student passes the provincially prescribed learning outcomes for a particular subject or meets the learning outcomes of a locally developed course.
  • International students must obtain a student visa. Please contact the WCCS school office for assistance. Students must also submit translated transcripts of their previous two years of education. The student may stay with family or friends, or WCCS can help arrange a home stay.
  • Students are expected to attend a Christian church regularly.
Financial information
  •  International student fees are $15,500 per year.
  • The full amount for the stay at WCCS is payable upon acceptance into the school.
  • An official letter of acceptance will be issued when school fees have been fully paid.
  • School fees include regular classes, textbooks, and local field trips.
  • Other school expenses include the following: Uniform – Students will spend approximately $350.00 on uniform, gym strip, and shoes.
  • Activity Fees – There may be fees for special year-end trips or extra-curricular activities. A typical year-end trip will cost approximately $300.00.
  • Tutoring – Students wishing additional tutoring may pay extra fees for this.
How to enrol
  •  To register in West Coast Christian School, please fill out all application documents and submit them with the following: A copy of the student’s birth certificate. Translated transcripts of the student’s previous two years of education.
  • When all of the above have been received, the school will process the application and notify you if the student has been accepted.
  • Upon acceptance, the school will require payment of tuition for the full stay of the student. Payment may be made by international money order or direct transfer (bank information may be obtained from the school). When this amount is received an official letter of acceptance will be issued, enabling the parents to apply for a student visa.
  • A refund of the tuition fee will only be given if the student applies to Canada Immigration for a Student Authorization within three weeks of the date the Letter of Acceptance is issued, and is refused a Student Authorization to attend. Documented evidence is required. In cases of extreme family difficulty or sickness, a refund may also be given. Documented evidence will also be required.
  • When a refund is given, an administration fee of $250.00 is deducted from the total.


15 N. Renfrew St.
Vancouver, BC

A Vancouver independent Christian School based in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. Our School offers families an affordable Christian education for their children from Kindergarten to Grade 12. West Coast Christian School goes beyond the BC Ministry of Education expectations by providing a distinctively Christian approach to learning.